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Welcome to Tri Cities Youth Lacrosse Website!

Tri Cities Youth Lacrosse (TCYL) is a non-profit (503(c)) youth Lacrosse club in Pasco, Washington that encompasses boys and girls in grades K-8. TCYL strives to develop players’ strength and confidence in all aspects of life using teamwork, dedication, courage, accountability and sportsmanship through the sport of Lacrosse. We focus on the overall development and advancement of game skills and knowledge to prepare players for a smooth transition to one of our local WHSBLA High School Lacrosse teams, Chiawana High School (currently running) and Pasco High School (when a Lacrosse team is set up). We are part of the Central Washington Lacrosse League, a youth Lacrosse league that has fellow youth programs in Richland, Kennewick, Hermiston and Yakima Valley.


The goal of TCYL is to provide an opportunity for kids in our program to play lacrosse in an atmosphere that encourages and promotes teamwork, friendly competition, amicable relationships, good sportsmanship and community. 

Current Lacrosse League Actions


The TCYL board is in constant conversation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in general, and TCYL will follow the lead of the Pasco School District. They are constantly preparing, planning and discussing with state and local authorities, including the Benton-Franklin Health District and CDC guidance. Currently schools will be closed through April 24th. Thist means TCYL will not have access to their fields, which is needed to conduct practices and games. In addition the federal guidelines for social distancing and other mitigation measures will be extended to April 30th.


At this time we are continuing to 'pause' our practices and games. Currently May 1st would be the first day we could hold practice again. All league games have been 'paused' until further notice. All of this will be reevaluated as time goes on. We will keep you informed on other tournaments status once we get further information. We will keep you updated if and when a new league schedule gets created. 


The board will be meeting at regular intervals, whether via teleconference or in person, to consider the next step. Again, things are constantly changing and we are trying to keep on top of all the changes. We are also in contact with our league, CWLL, as well as other youth lacrosse clubs in our area as we move forward through this situation.


We do still see a season being able to take place as much as possible. We are planning with hope in our hearts that things will get back to normal and we will 'restart' the season. 


Thank you for your patience during this time. We appreciate all of you and we look forward to getting our players back on the field and out playing a sport they enjoy as soon as we can. We will also keep our players, families and community health a priority as we make decisions about this as well. Together we will get through this. 


If you have any questions, reach out to the board. We are hear to listen. 


Thank you and stay healthy and safe!

Go Honeybadgers!


by posted 03/15/2020

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TCYL is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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